Equinix Data Centres

Quiptek has enlisted Equinix to provide the data centre infrastructure for our servers.  Equinix is a global company with over 200 data centres in 24 countries, so we know our servers are in good hands.  This vast spread of data centres gives us access to an impressive Layer 2 network so we can offer world class solutions at high speeds.  Security measures and power redundancy are what you would expect from a Tier 3 data centre.  Some reasons we chose Equinix are:

Internationally Certified

Award Winning

N+1 Power Redundancy

High Security

High Speed Links

Equinix data centres were a standout choice for Quiptek as the connectivity, security, redundancy and internet links were at or above the required level we wanted for our clients.

Equinix Features

Security 100%
100% Complete
Redundancy 100%
100% Complete
Accessibility 100%
100% Complete
Location 100%
100% Complete
Integration 100%
100% Complete

vSphere Hypervisor

This component of vCloud Suite is a bare metal hypervisor from VMware that enables the consolidation of applications and the virtualisation of servers. The ESXi version offers Storage vMotion, High Availability, Data Protection, Thin Provisioning and Distributed Resource Scheduling.

vRealize Suite

This component of vCloud Suite is a software platform and aids IT professionals in the construction and management of heterogeneous, hybrid clouds. vRealize includes these four components - Automation, Operations, Log Insight and Business for Cloud.