Quiptek Pacific

Servicing Companies Australia Wide

Perth, WA

Founded in Perth, Quiptek combines IT and consulting expertise to solve real business challenges in WA. Contact us for ANY IT needs in Perth.

Bunbury, WA

Our expertise makes us one of the leading IT solutions serving Bunbury. We align technology with your business objectives to simplify and streamline your infrastructure and processes.

Adelaide, SA

We provide IT services in Adelaide, SA and focus on making technology solve your problems and accelerate your growth in this competitive market.

Mandurah, WA

Not far from Perth, we deliver the reliability your enterprise needs to maximise your technology investment in Mandurah, WA.

Sydney, NSW

From cloud services and solutions to security and infrastructure, Quiptek handles all your IT needs in Sydney, NSW. As a result, your business is ready to thrive in the digital age.

Melbourne, VIC

Are you having network or IT issues in Melbourne, VIC? A competitive location like Melbourne needs the right IT solutions from implementation.

Rockingham, WA

Our senior consultants service the fast growing region of Rockingham, WA and offer scalable project management solutions to meet this demand.

Brisbane, QLD

Quiptek is here to support clients in Brisbane, QLD, We help you advance every aspect of your business – operations, people, processes and technology - with digital solutions.

Geraldton, WA

Our Perth based engineers with strong expertise can implement and maintain reliable systems in Geraldton, WA. We help create reliable, collaborative work spaces.