Quiptek Pacific

Changing with Technology

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is more than just web based apps. It enables companies to host some, or even all, of their hardware and software on remote servers and comes with many advantages.
Reduced IT Costs
Business Continuity
Flexible Work Practises
Collaboration Efficiency

Business Phone Systems

Cloud based phones provide more flexibility and features and can be provided with unlimited calls on a fixed price. Advancements in VoIP technology makes cloud based phones a necessity.
Fixed Priced Model
Unlimited Calls
Guaranteed Performance
Excellent Support
Hosted Locally

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a change from the traditional way that software is purchased but it comes with many benefits. These benefits are focused around cost and time savings.
No Upfront Costs
Simple Installation
Easily Accessible
Higher Compatibility
Less Maintenance


Virtual machines help develop great business continuity plans and ensure maximum production from minimum hardware requirements. Virtualisation also brings high storage security levels.
Lower Running Costs
Environmentally Friendly
Thin Client Computing
Secure Storage
Disaster Preparedness

Website & Email Hosting

Website and Email Hosting are now critical to every business and it pays to be on a system that guarantees high availability and fast performance. Quiptek offer the following:
99.9% Guaranteed Up-Time
Email SPAM Filters
Fast Loading Websites
Highly Secure Servers
Hassle-Free Email

Backup & Data Recovery

Backing up is as important as ever and with more reliance on computers, so is disaster recovery. Our Disaster Recovery Service means that even disasters can be rectified within minutes.
Monitored Backups
Fast File Recovery
Fast Disaster Recovery
From $0.09 per GB
24/7 Support

Network and Security

Do you have all the necessary security features in place? With managed IT services, it is no longer expensive to manage anti-virus, firewalls and security from one location.
Network Security
Email Security
Security Consulting
Enterprise Anti-Virus
Web Protection

Hosted Services

Hosted Services, particularly hosted operating systems, completely change the IT landscape. New levels of productivity, cost management and security are now possible.
Desktop as a Service
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Infrastructure as a Service
Platform as a Service
VMware Horizon View

Managed IT Services

Fully or partially having networks managed by a service provider gives companies the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition with proactive solutions while also reducing costs.
Cost Management
Internet Assurance
Software Assurance
Extra Security
Fast Response Times

IT Support Services

Even if you have managed services, your network will still have a range of connected devices that may need attention. Printers, modems and computers are all part of this network.
Fast Response Times
Competitive Pricing
Skilled Technicians
Remote Support
Help Desk Support

Business IT Support

Quiptek's solutions can benefit all, from small businesses with a handful of users to large organisations with demanding networks. We also offer solutions for IT and Web Companies.
SMB IT Support
Corporate IT Support
Enterprise IT Support
IT Consulting
Fixed Price IT Support

Managed IT Services

If you want minimal disruptions, maximum productivity, fast response times and high security then Managed IT Services is for you. At Quiptek our motto is ``Changing with Technology`` and we are continually evolving with IT advancements so our clients can focus on their businesses.

Partner Program

Quiptek Pacific has three versions of partner programs - Technical, Referral and Reseller Hosting. If you are a company that deals with technology and would like your services managed in a virtual environment then contact us so we can help you deliver the best experience for your clients.