Data Recovery

As one of the leading data recovery service providers, we can retrieve your relevant data from all kinds of storage devices. Our risk-free and reliable technicians can attempt to restore data depending on of the level of damage, whether it’s physical or logical.

Offsite Cloud Backup

One cloud hosted backup solution to protect all your data that’s on premise, in the cloud or on devices. With an offsite location, your information is secure even in the event of a disaster, and the backup services are priced on usage.

Disaster Prevention

Avoid drastic financial losses with our disaster prevention solutions. Our expert IT team will conduct a regular audit of all your processes and infrastructure. We then derive and implement solutions to eliminate the list of potential problems.

VEEAM Cloud Connect

VEEAM offers a fast and secure backup to the cloud without the enormous costs and complexities of offsite infrastructure. This integrated, fast and reliable backup and replication architecture makes cloud-based data recovery a breeze.

Disaster Recovery

Quiptek prepares disaster management plans and executes recovery solutions for any catastrophe. With our real-time alerts and emergency response solutions, we protect your business, assets, and employees at all times, anywhere in the world.


More than 10,000 companies trust NAKIVO Backup to protect and replicate data more efficiently in virtual environments. This program ensures peace of mind as it allows safe backups and lightning fast disaster recovery and restoration.


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Backup Solutions from Leading Providers

Quiptek works with leading backup solution providers for both cloud and onsite backups. We are offering 20% off these backup solutions.

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VMware ESXi

ESXi is a powerful product from VMWare that operates as a server for managing multiple virutal servers.


Citrix provides a digital workspace and it is a program that is deployed and managed on the cloud by Quiptek.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Hyper-V is a product by Microsoft and is used to virtualise multiple operating systems from one server.

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Virtual Servers

A virtual server is physical hardware that shares it resources with multiple users across multiple operating systems.

Benefits of Virtualisation

Virtualisation can improve data recovery efforts and productivity all while reducing costs and energy consumption.

What is Virtualisation

Where servers, networks, storage devices or even operating systems are executed to run on a shared physical resource.