Small Business IT Support

Our experts in technology can help you reduce costs and risks and establish a reliable IT infrastructure that’s ready for the cloud. We support our flexible and scalable products that are ideal for small businesses to gain technology benefits, without high expenses.

Corporate IT Support

Accelerate your journey to the cloud with our IT infrastructure services for big enterprises like yours. We assist corporate clients in minimising energy costs, consolidating enterprise workloads and maximising efficiency and growth with a digital reinvention.

Computer Support

Our highly available computer support technicians provide diagnostic, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance solutions for your networks and devices. Using secure technology we are able to provide these specialised interactive support services remotely as well.

Help Desk Support

Get access to a high-quality business IT support desk and remote monitoring services with our help desk. Compared to the conventional help desk, our ticketing system is highly available through phone, email, chat and our secure web portal.

Medium Size Business IT Support

If you’re a mid-sized enterprise heading towards business growth, our IT support services can accelerate your development with the right solutions. The cost-effective and pay-as-you-use model makes it possible for mid-sized companies to afford superior IT services, on demand.

Government IT Support

Quiptek is also proud to offer unwavering IT support to government organisations. As your collaborative partner in strategic IT use, we make it easier to transition to new technologies for everyday purposes. We also ensure top-notch security with all our IT solutions.

Computer Consultants

As your dedicated computer consultants, our IT experts help you navigate the complexities of the IT environment for your business. Enlist us for a consultation and see how our proven expertise in specific areas of IT can benefit your organisation in many ways.

Enterprise Client IT Support

Our enterprise client IT support brings the best value to customers with a large user base and demanding applications. With a lower total cost of ownership, our clients can improve their operations and productivity with the finest IT support, available round the clock.

Fixed Price IT Support

This pricing model helps you budget your IT support needs without any unexplained bills at the end of the month. With a guaranteed SLA, no hidden charges, extended support hours and backup for your IT team, this can be a tremendous technical and financial solution.

IT Technicians

When you need an expert to diagnose network problems or monitor the processing systems then our IT technicians are ready. From setup, they help you throughout the life cycle of your IT infrastructure and provide maintenance, repairs and replacements.


Our FREE Offer

Make sure your business is secure

Quiptek is providing small to medium size businesses with FREE network audits. These audits reveal potential weaknesses in IT procedures and security and recommend proactive solutions to resolve them.

Our Services

Network Security

It usually pays to mange and monitor all network components including routers, networks and firewalls.

Network Design

Quiptek can securely design network plans from small single office setups to large multi-site environments.

Network Management

Having both physical and logical network components managed is essential for larger organisations.

Our Partners

What We Do

Email Security

Quiptek installs and manages hosted email security to protect our clients systems and improve their brand reputation.

Security Consulting

We review existing systems and recommend network security measures and software patches to stay safe.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure, whether onsite or hosted, can be managed remotely and optimised to prevent disasters from happening.