VoIP IP Phones

Today’s dynamic business environment demands a diverse set of employee communication styles. With our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones, you can meet the needs of your entire organisation with added flexibility. Experience multi-platform deployment and HD video phones for effective business outcomes and seamless connectivity.

SIP Trunking

With Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), you can experience telecommunication and media services over the internet. SIP trunking uses VoIP and utilises available internet connections for more flexible communications. The SIP trunk is feature rich and installed on the internet, thus replacing the need for analogue phones and reducing IT expenditure.

Business VOIP Plans

VoIP has become attractive to small businesses in Australia because of its simplicity, extensive features, and attractive pricing. Compared to traditional phone lines, they reduce on-site hardware as well. If you’re looking for a range of plans for your business, Quiptek offers different plans – from starter plans to full-service VoIP.

VoIP Explained

VoIP technology allows you to make calls over the internet, instead of the regular telephone service. It turns voice into digital data over an IP network and cuts down the number of providers and solutions your business might need. Importantly, all data is in the cloud for optimum security, and you can access and change settings through an online dashboard or an app.

Hosted PBX

Hosted Private Branch Exchange is an IP-based telephone solution, accessible entirely through the internet. It eliminates the need to manage and build an in-house PBX system as we can develop and host the PBX in our date centres. There are also additional features like on-hold music, call waiting, transfer, routing, extension dialling, and more.

VoIP IP Handsets

The two common types of VoIP phones are hardware-based and software-based. According to your business requirements, Quiptek’s expert team can recommend the right handsets for your organization. We offer a wide range of options like video hardware as well. Voice plans are available with this hardware and we offer different options – from starters plans to full-service VoIP.



Having knowledge of SIP trunking and the data centre environment enables Quiptek to host reliable phone systems. These VoIP systems are fixed price and durable which is why so many businesses are switching to them at a fast rate.

  • Unlimited Calls
  • Redundant Hardware
  • Quality of Service
  • User Flexibility