Cloud Hosting

If downtime isn’t an option, it’s time to turn to the cloud. With Quiptek’s cloud hosting, you get guaranteed up-time on your service. Enjoy ultimate flexibility to scale up your resources on demand as per your business growth. Let our experts help you to reduce complexity, unlock innovation and maintain consistency in the cloud.

Cloud Solutions & Advantages

Businesses of all sizes, geographies, and industries are embracing cloud solutions due to its incredible advantages. With Quiptek, we assure efficiency and cost reduction, data security, scalability, mobility, and disaster recovery. Not to mention, the cloud enables complete control and visibility over your data.

Cloud Servers

Backed by industry-leading SLAs and trusted customer support, the Quiptek powered virtual cloud servers are the smarter choice for all your cloud computing needs. You can choose from our public, private, or dedicated cloud servers and have the ability to vary processor, memory and storage resources as required. On-boarding is efficient and fast.

Cloud Security

Planning to move to the cloud? When you build in security from the beginning, you can accelerate your move and ensure data protection at all times. Today, high-level security concerns tend to affect both traditional IT systems and cloud systems. With our cloud solutions, we implement preventive protections to keep our clients safe.

Cloud Phones

Host your phone systems in the cloud, with secure data servers hosted by Quiptek. Cloud-enabled systems help you save money, accelerate set-up and access advanced features. Cloud phone systems are great for small businesses as they create a professional appearance and allow you to be flexible, mobile, and productive, at minimum cost.

Cloud Data Centre

With our global cloud data centres, our customers are ready to achieve efficiency across borders. All our customised data centre solutions meet the evolving needs of our customers and their business outcomes. With an extensive infrastructure, better security, and sovereignty, we can meet the demands of the most tightly regulated industries.


Get 10% Off

Get started with discounted pricing

If you operate a small business and sign up or any of our cloud services, you may be eligible for a 10% discount over the first 12 months. Ask us today about the cloud services we offer and how you can save.

Our Services

Website Hosting

Quiptek offers high speed and high availability website hosting for companies that rely on their website.

Email Hosting

We provide Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 hosting that seamlessly syncs email, calendars and contacts.

Email SPAM Filtering

Don't let your staff fall victim to malicious email scams by having an enterprise grade email spam filter.

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What We Do

Hosted Server

If it can be virtualised, then Quiptek can host it. W offer hosting of high speed servers for all purposes.

Business Hosting

Providing businesses of all sizes to work from anywhere at any time without compromising security.

Dedicated Hosting

Have your own server or want us to provide one? Dedicated hosting is available if required.