Hosted Windows Server Environment

Streamline your IT and let our expertise in Windows work wonders for you with super-fast deployment. With a hosted Windows server environment, we ensure the highest levels of performance, security, and control for all your applications and workload.

Hosted Office

Work smarter, from anywhere, anytime with our Hosted Office solutions. Ensure continuous and effective communication with customers, with all the tools you need, right where you are. Don’t miss any customer queries, even when you’re out of office!

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Enjoy critical IT benefits with this virtualisation technology that hosts a desktop OS on a centralised server. With centralised desktop management, you can minimise the number of consoles to manage and ensure that your sensitive data is always safe.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Quiptek brings you a platform or an environment to build your applications and services on the internet. We host the services in the cloud, and you can easily access them from your device in a multitude of ways.

Remote Desktop as a Service (RDS)

With RDS, you can host your Windows desktops and applications cost-effectively for the test or full deployment purposes. You can connect to the applications and desktops after publishing them in the cloud from any device – Windows, iOS, Android and Mac.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Outsource your computer infrastructure and get instant access to resources including storage, networking and servers in the cloud. With IaaS you get access to infrastructure with high performance and redundancy.


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First 12 Months Web Hosting

We are offering a 20% saving on all our web hosting packages in our secure and fast hosting environment.

Our Services

VoIP IP Phones

VoIP phones can look like a standard handset or run as software on a computer and offer greater flexibility.

Business VoIP Plans

Businesses can get full-featured phone systems on VoIP with unlimited calls for an affordable, fixed price.

Hosted PBX

The operation and maintenance costs of PBX systems can be heavily reduced by having PBX hosted on the cloud.

Our Partners

What We Do

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking ensures the connectivity of phone handsets to the public phone network, using VoIP technology.

VoIP Explained

VoIP is when voice calls are transmitted over the public internet instead of the fixed line telephone network.

VoIP IP Handsets

VoIP handsets look and perform much like traditional desk phones and are supplied by leading manufacturers.