Network Security

Our network security services secure the accessibility and integrity of the data on the network, taking into account both hardware and software technologies. We effectively manage network access and work to prevent various threats from entering your network.

Email Security

More than 90% of targeted attacks that are successful, start with emails. That’s why keeping your email safe and secure is the need of the hour. Our email protection offers multi-layer security that stops evolving malware as well as non-malware threats, including email fraud.

Network Design

Using tried and tested methods, let us plan and implement a customised computer network infrastructure based on your business requirements. Our team of network designers, engineers, and IT administrators can design a detailed network infrastructure to suit any business.

Security Consulting

It is now vital to keep up with the evolving risks in the cyber environment using our thorough security consulting services. At Quiptek, we extend our clients capabilities and fill critical gaps, backed by our proven, real-time threat insights to secure their operations and data.

Network Management

Ensure your network is running at its best with our network management solutions. Our comprehensive services support data networks like WLAN, WAN, and LAN. This relieves your team from network duties and helps them focus on their core capabilities.

Infrastructure Management

Quiptek brings you the experience, talent, and tools to build, run, and manage next-generation IT infrastructure. We help our clients become agile, service-oriented, secure and customer-focused with our infrastructure management solutions.



Learn how to secure your network

Quiptek is providing free network audits for small businesses. By reviewing the hardware and software configuration of network devices we can recommend a plan to protect small business.

Our Services

Dynamics CRM

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, support is available for both hosted and onsite environments.

Enterprise File Sync

Since tablets and phone become more prominent for business, we provide file-sync solutions to accommodate this.

Microsoft Office

With SaaS licensing, one of the benefits is having access to the latest Microsoft Office versions with anywhere access.

Our Parnters

What We Do

Office 365

Our enterprise email solutions deliver Hosted Exchange and Office 365 solutions flawlessly to our users.

Salesforce CRM

The popular Salesforce CRM requires high availability and high performing servers and Quiptek support this product.

Anti Virus

Anti virus is also hosted on the cloud which makes it easy to manage, cost-effective and less demanding to run.