About Horizon View

VMware Horizon View is a product that provisions virtual desktops on servers that are housed in a secure data centre.  Implementing this type of IT system heavily reduces downtime, thus improving productivity.  Another noticeable benefit is security, as thin clients can be deployed for users and no data is saved outside of the server at any time.  Features of Horizon View are:

High Reliability

Hardware Independence

User Convenience

Simplified Management

Cost Management

The VMware Horizon View product is the ultimate product that securely allows businesses all the benefits of the latest technology, all while centralising support and managing costs.

Horizon View Features

Effectiveness 100%
100% Complete
Security 100%
100% Complete
Productivity 100%
100% Complete
Cost Management 100%
100% Complete
Reliability 100%
100% Complete

vSphere Hypervisor

This component of vCloud Suite is a bare metal hypervisor from VMware that enables the consolidation of applications and the virtualisation of servers. The ESXi version offers Storage vMotion, High Availability, Data Protection, Thin Provisioning and Distributed Resource Scheduling.

vRealize Suite

This component of vCloud Suite is a software platform and aids IT professionals in the construction and management of heterogeneous, hybrid clouds. vRealize includes these four components - Automation, Operations, Log Insight and Business for Cloud.